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EEPA Lead Paint Certification - RRP Course

In 2010 the EPA amended the renovation, repair and painting (RRP) rule requiring renovators who may perform renovations, repairs or painting in homes built prior to 1978 to receive a lead paint certification. to become lead-safe certified renovators you must complete an 8-hour course to teach you how to work with lead-safe work practices in areas that test positive for lead. All renovators are now required to perform lead testing on homes built prior to 1978 using a variety of methods including lead check swabs and paint chip sampling. Your initial RRP course will certify you as a lead-safe certified worker for 5 years. 5 years from the date you completed your initial lead paint certification or before you will be required to complete a 4-hour refresher course.

Since February 17th, 2016 the EPA has allowed Certified renovators who have already received their initial certification to get their EPA certification renewal entirely online, making the RRP renewal process much more convenient. Students may register and receive their certificate on the same day and may schedule their course at there own convenience instead of having to wait for an in-person scheduled date.
EPA RRP Lead Safety Certification Training Course

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    Now, most entrepreneurs find out about the constitution of new EPA RRP certification and certification requirements. However, most companies, this primary change aren’t sure what steps they must acquire to attain compliance.

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